Rampant Consumerism!

Hi.  You like buying stuff, right?  Yeah.  I bet you do.  Heck.  We all get ourselves a little sumthin’ special on payday from time to time.  Maybe there’s a bauble that catches your eye or a birthday present that needs buying.  What’s more American than shopping?

Which is why when you need to scratch that itch from now on you should use that fancy pants Amazon link over on the sidebar and kick a little our way. No, it won’t cost you anything but every little bit we get will get us that much closer to full funding the brewery. You win; we win.

Are we suggesting you buy something ridiculous? Well… that’s up to you.

But why not just change your Amazon bookmark link to this:


No fuss, no muss and we get a little coin.  Everybody wins.


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