The Beers

The reason why you’re here and the reason why we’re here.  It’s the beer.

Out three flagship styles are the Ebenezer Stout, Second Hand Smoke and Vargas Blonde Ale.  However, they’re not alone as we brew a full lineup of hand crafted beers.

Ebenezer 1789 Oatmeal Stout

 Named after Buffalo’s first mayor, Ebenezer Johnson, this oatmeal stout has a rich, creamy head and smooth mouthfeel with a sharp coffee bite at the finish.  Dark and full bodied, perfect on a cold night or windy afternoon, this beer is sweet, chocolaty and not too heavy.  Meant to be enjoyed again and again.

Second Hand Smoke

There was a time when you could get plenty of second hand smoke in bars everywhere.  With this smooth English Brown Ale, brewed with just enough peat smoked malt, pretty soon you’ll be enjoying a different kind of Second Hand Smoke available once again.

Vargas Blonde Ale

Our Vargas Blonde is a light Belgian ale the color of cheerleader hair.   Its spicy, fruity yeast character is nicely complimented with toasted plisner and munich malts.  With a creamy head and smooth, slightly bubbly body it’s an easily drinkable introduction to the world of Belgian style beers.

Hailstorm Amber Ale

This is Nickel City’s session beer, an amber ale anyone could pull out year round and enjoy.   Pale chocolate and crystal malts along with Cascade hops give this brew its flavor.  As hail stones bounced off the windows the June afternoon this beer was first brewed, what else could we call it?

5 Minute Hate IPA

“The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obligated to act a part, but that it was impossible to avoid joining in.”

First brewed on the anniversary of the publication of Orwell’s 1984, this 9% ABV India Pale Ale has enough Magnum and Chinook hops to survive an extended sea voyage.    Two minutes isn’t enough to savor this pint.  Five would be better.

Burbage Irish Red

This is a classic Irish ale.  Its roasty, malty sweetness hides a 6% ABV kick that’ll get you wherever you need to go.  An Irish Red can be many beers to many people and Nickel City’s tribute to the Irish brothers who owned Shakespeare’s Globe theater is easily enjoyed with dinner or shared among friends.

White Buffalo Kolsch

A good Kolsch requires a long time lagering to give it the proper smooth, crisp flavor.  This light, pale yellow beer is best enjoyed on a hot summer day or, better still, when the luck of the white buffalo is needed during those (hopefully) deep playoff runs.

Olmsted Pumpkin Ale

Nickel City’s harvest pumpkin ale is a nod to our city’s incredible parks system.  This red ale is brewed with fire roasted pumpkin and just a touch of nutmeg and cinnamon for a smooth, malty quaff with just a hint of spice.   Balanced to be enjoyed again and again.

Gower St. Loganberry Hefeweizen

What drink says “Buffalo” more than loganberry?  None.  This hazy, toasty Hefeweizen has just enough fruity, loganberry flavor to remind you of the purple sweetness we all enjoyed too much as kids.  Hold a pint of Gower St. up to the light and you can even detect just enough purple to make Charles Darwin appreciate this evolution of fruit beer.