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Brewing Postponed?

Sadly, life rears up its ugly head on occasion. But no brewing this past weekend doesn’t mean that there isn’t work to do. Especially with the words “All” and “Grain” looming on the horizon. So last weekend’s scheduled brews, a schwarzbier and more of our Burbage Irish Red, have been pushed back.

This weekend did see the first beer of the new year, the Vargas Blonde Ale, racked over into a secondary carboy with a sample drawn off for testing. Wow! If the Blonde is a precursor to the rest of our beers for aught-nine then it should be a good year for Nickel City Brewing.

The Vargas Blonde Ale is the color of cheerleader hair and practically effervescent. Even room temperature and uncarbonated, it’s already delicious. It tastes of biscuits and awesome with a faint hint of grapes. With a current gravity of 1.013 we’ll be bottling it this weeked and cellaring most of the batch for the onset of spring.

When the label comes back from our art department it’ll be added to the Beers.

Also getting some attention this weekend was our buffalo nickel logo design. Some minor adjustments to the typeface on the nickel have made it more readable and our first shipment of merchandise is flying our way as you read this. Why not head on over and be the first on your block to support your local brewery start-up.

And finally, this weekend we filled some holes in our inventory of malts and hops in preparation for next weekend’s inaugural run of our new mash tun. Stay tuned, True Believers!

In Primary: 5 Minute Hate IPA, Courier-Express Lager
In Secondary: Vargas Blonde Ale, Ebenezer Oatmeal Stout
Next Brew Session: Jan 17th


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Happy New Year’s Brew Day

Aught-nine, bitches! And the NCB crew rang in the new year with a double brew session on January 1.

Nickel City’s original beer, the panty-dropping 5 Minute Hate, got a face lift with some tweaks to the recipe. We also upgraded the base malt from plain old 2-Row to Maris Otter, a UK Pale Ale Malt that smells phenomenal. If I knew the HTML code to link a smell, you could smell it for yourself. Sorry.

We also kick started aught-nine with a new addition to our line-up, the tentatively named Vargas Blonde Ale, which should turn out to be a pale blond Belgian beer with fruity, ester-y notes. Fingers are crossed. We’ve reserved several cases of 22 oz bottles especially for the Vargas Blonde, and plan on aging it in anticipation of Memorial Day weekend.


Looking backward, the old year closed out on December 27th with a special brew session marked by a visit from a friend of Nickel City, Kevin Godwin, who came to witness brewing the Ebenezer 1789 oatmeal stout. Check out his outsider’s perspective of our process at and see him wield a mop. Those buckets of sanitizer aren’t as easy to juggle as we make it look.

In Primary: Ebenezer 1789, Vargas Blonde, 5 Minute Hate, Courier-Express
In Secondary: Hailstorm, Ebenezer 1789
Next Brew Session: Jan 10th

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